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Thanks again to Isa Chandra of The Post Punk Kitchen for sending a bunch of awesome tattooed vegans this way!  Our next guest hails all the way from the UK.

Vegan morrisseynian and indie rocker Emma writes:
“I found your site via Isa Chandra’s Twitter feed, and thought I’d share mine.  It’s a mixture of Bright Eyes lyrics (from Hit The Switch), and the gladiolus is another Smiths/Morrissey tribute of mine; I also have “There is a Light … That Never Goes Out” split between my feet.  Whilst it’s not explicitly ‘vegan’, a very large part of its meaning links to veganism for me, and only vegan ink was used.

maybe one of those lovely raw cheese cakes Isa's been making!

maybe one of those lovely raw cheese cakes Isa's been making!

“Although the artist (Steve Byrne at In Name and Blood, Leeds, UK) is an omni,  almost all of his inks are vegan, so he’s definitely vegan-friendly!  He’s also moving to the States by the end of summer, so you should check him out :)

Upon following that link all I have to say is wow, his work looks really good!

More tattoos to come tomorrow so stay tuned!


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