06.May.2009 I double dog dare ya…

… to not think these dueling dog tattoos are adorable.  What really sold me on posting them straight away is the fact that one of these darling muppets are vegan!


moderately mollisor molly mulling over her next meal

That’s the vegan one there and I must say the artist captured her snaggletooth perfectly.  Old girl looks like she’s got a good coat too.  Good job representin’, vegan dog!  Maybe work on that energy a bit more though, ok?

mille's no run of the mill mutt

mild mille's no run of the mill mutt

dog lover, vegan, and unabashed crafter Erica says:

“I wanted to submit my latest additions, fresh out of the shop!  I just got these yesterday- they’re not explicitly vegan-themed per se, but they were definitely acquired out of undying love for animals…

…Molly is a pug/boxer mix and Millie is a black lab/pit mix. Both dogs are 8 years old and are rescues.

Hope you enjoy them! The artist is Jason McAffee at Temple Tattoo in Oakland, California.”

Thanks a bunch for sending in your sweet new tattoos Erica, I know a lot of dog friends like myself will love seeing ‘em!

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  • melanie says:

    i LOVE these!

  • paula says:

    These are so so great! I love pet tattoos!

  • Lea says:

    So precious!!! I love them both and think your pooches would be so happy to live on with you forever. :)

  • Ennya says:

    Hi Jennifer,This got me thinking. I weondr what people would suggest if asked about their most economical, vegan, delicious, family-friendly fare. It wouldn’t need to even be “recipe” based –but rather ideas: –lentils and rice–veggie chili and cornbread–?? fill in the blanks :)

  • Salina says:

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  • http://www./ says:

    Hi, Mal. Thanks for the kind word. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that Matteo and Tzigone’s adventures will continue. As you may know, the fourth edition D&D rules reboot brought a lot of changes to the Forgotten Realms, including the catastrophic magical “Spellplague” destroyed most of Halruaa–and by destroyed, I mean the land mass is no longer there. Also, the timeline was advanced by a century. Since both characters are human, it’s unlikely that they would have survived either, much as both, of those events. Wish I had better news!

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