05.May.2009 This one’s dedicated to a couple of asses

I love this next one for its simplicity, elegance, and coolness of the owner.

Avid blogger, donkey hugger, and vegan Sarah Downs writes

“I don’t think it counts. Because the ink wasn’t vegan, apparently. But I didn’t know that at the time. Apparently, the package ingredients were vegan (they were!) but the black stuff they use to make the black ink or whatever isn’t vegan? Made from bugs or somesuch? I don’t know. I’m still clueless after seven years of this shit.

subtil as a serpent; sarahs serifed statement

subtil as a serpent; sarah's serifed statement

…the initials “B.D.” and “W.D.” which stands for Bonnie Donkey and Waylon Donkey, my two favorite animals here at Farm Sanctuary.”

Well at least its not on your ass!!
I think your friends are a couple of asses!

I think we all feel a bit clueless sometimes about whats in what and I don’t think companies really tend to make it clear a lot of times.  Thank goodness for those little vegan symbols they have now! We will definitely be adding some links, posts and articles on vegan inks and where to find them very soon to try and help make it a little less confusing!

Anyways, its a lovely collection of ink Sarah, the dedication to your pals at Farm Sanctuary is super sweet.

You can check out Sarahs blogs at:

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