26.Dec.2009 Total Fawnage

Its the perfect time of year to turn people on to awesome vegan food for the holidays, and I hope everyone is having a bunch of luck with that and having a good time.  I have been having a great time avoiding work and playing games online for the last couple of days, but I figured I would share a newer submission that I got a couple of days ago. 

Our next contributor Leigh had this lovely work done by vegan artist Danielle Distefano of Only You Tattoo in Atlanta, GA and had the following to say about her darling little dear:

 “I decided on a deer tattoo while on a road trip with my husband. We were driving to upstate New York to exhibit at a vegetarian festival, and along the way we saw several deer hanging out near the highway. It reminded me of how hunters try to justify killing these beautiful animals because they seem to think it’s their duty to control the deer population in order to avoid situations like deer running out into the road and causing damage to cars, or eating plants in people’s yards. The idea that humans have the right to kill another species simply because they are inconvenient to our sprawling urban and suburban living is just sad to me.

Oh Deer!

Oh Deer!

Danielle at Only You Tattoo created my beautiful little fawn with all vegan inks. I just love it!”

I must say we love it too; the deer, the ornate frame, and little heart are adorable.  What a sweet tribute to a beautiful animal!  I think everyone could stand to think a bit about the animals they pass by every day, if not just to enjoy their company a bit.

Its really great to see that there are so many vegan tattoo artists around!  Thanks a bunch for being vegan and helping other vegans out by using vegan inks and techniques.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!  If we don’t see before then have a happy and safe new year and most importantly, thanks for being vegan!

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  • Melisser says:

    I love this so much!

  • Melissa says:

    ha.. only Melissas respond..

    are you sure that it was entirely vegan ink?? i really want a tat and i’ve been doing my research and getting terrible responses. How does your tat look now?

    all of the artists i’ve asked said that most inks labeled vegan are not truly vegan,there’s no regulation so how can we know anyway, and that tats done with actual vegan ink often look terrible a month or two later because the waterbase does not adhere well to the skin…

    let me know what you found out.. thanks

  • Leigh says:

    Hi Melissa,

    The tattoo above is mine, and my friend and tattoo artist Danielle assured me that the ink she uses is completely vegan. She is vegan herself, so I do trust her. And my tattoo looks just as vibrant today as it did back in December when I first got it. I hope this information is helpful! You may want to consider contacting Danielle via http://www.onlyyoutattoo.com for any other specific vegan ink questions.

  • What an amazing tattoo. I can’t believe how real that deer looks.

  • Im a vegan tattooer in Los Angeles and I an assure you that some of the best inks in the industry are vegan. but it doesnt stop there, there is also the ointment and soap used during the procedure. And lets not forget after care.
    anyway if your in the market holler at me. Im at Timeless tattoo. 739 n vine near melrose. 323 461 1233

  • xCadillacTramp says:

    such a nice tattoo! ughh I have such a hard time finding a vegan tattoo artist in Holland… could you maybe do a post about vegan tattoo artists in Europe? I want to get one in Germany, Belgium or Holland… I know a fine tattoo shop in Holland, but I doubt that they use vegan inks and aftercare 🙁
    I know just one in Belgium which is ok I guess… but the style is just not really fitting with what I want.. so it’s still hard!
    Let me know.

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