13.Nov.2009 Britches in stitches

Hello vegans and aspiring vegans, hows it going?  I’ve been recovering from watching the Foul Play movie by Mercy for Animals on Sunday at Studio 35.  Definitely not a movie that you should get popcorn for.  It was pretty crushing watching all those chickens jammed up together in battery cages and really I can’t imagine how someone could keep eating meat after seeing it.  The movie does a good job of adding a little positivity and and hope, showing some cool sanctuary footage and happy chickens along with the suffering caged ones.

Our next contributor has a similarly awesome and rather depressing message to share about us about a lucky little monkey who got rescued by the good old ALF.  Not the cat eater from space guys, but the Animal Liberation Front.  They used to be all over the news when I was young and I always thought they were awesome!  Our contributor Anna clearly thinks they rock as well and has the following to say about her newish vegan tattoo:

Nothing funny to say about vivisection, yuck

Nothing funny to say about vivisection, yuck

“This is a pretty new tattoo but its on a vegan (me) tattooed by a vegan (ryan mason from scapegoat tattoo) against animal cruelty and vivisection.  I am surprised at how few people (including vegans) are familiar with britches the monkey.  I find his story heart breaking and so far having this tattoo has giving me the opportunity to share it with others….  Below his portrait there’s a quote that reads none so blind as those who will not see.   I figured that summed up my feelings on vivisection and animal cruelty pretty accurately.”

Don't sew on monkeys

Don't sew on monkeys

Anna also included a link to a little video that tells the tale of Britches:

Britches the unlucky / lucky baby monkey

Who ever decided that they should sew the monkeys face should probably not ever be allowed to be around animals and children.  Also, maybe not sewing materials or staplers. WTF?

Thanks for putting up with my ramblings today everyone, thanks for checking out this tattoo and most importantly thanks for being vegan!

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  • Geoff says:

    Great tattoo, love the quote. I’ll remember that one, it’s so true. I get so sick and tired of people who just refuse to see what is really happening out there, and instead turn away from the truth.

  • Erika says:

    This is beautifully done and what a wonderful sentiment- to be honest though, I don’t know that my heart could take seeing that scene every day. Anna is a braver woman than I!

  • mara pomarico says:

    Thank you, Anna. From Brazil;

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