08.Nov.2009 Oh Dag, the black crows!

I have to admit I love vegans the most out of all people.  That means you!  But seriously if you live in a big city anymore its just amazing and so easy to be a vegan.  Its not like you have to order the sad wilty salad or worry about explaining your dietary restrictions to a waitron.  People just know what vegans are now and if you asked them and they could bring themselves to admit it, they would tell you how jealous they are of us!

I just got back from visiting my very awesome-but-not-vegan mom and family in Washington D.C. and we had some of the most incredible vegan adventures.  From Vegetate to Sticky Fingers Bakery or even a bunch of vegan options at Asylum, for the first time ever they were all excited about me dragging them around to places I could eat and the options were truly amazing.  This is not a vegan food blog or anything so I am not going to go on and on but I have to admit I am a bit sad to be back here in Columbus with our very limited choice of  strictly vegetarian and vegan restarants.   Anyways, you D.C. metro vegans are so lucky I am not even going to thank you for being vegan any more… jk you guys are awesome too, thanks!

Our next excellent vegan contributor Dag comes from Bethesda, Maryland; right there in the D.C. area.  Dag writes:

“The tattoo is of Huginn and Muninn, Odin’s two ravens. I’ve always loved watching ravens and crows, and can’t understand why such intelligent  birds are hated and killed for being “pests”.”


Huginn & Muginn

Huginn & Muginn

 A lovely and very punk depiction of some beautiful animals.  Dag’s first tattoo was just as cool:

Vegan wrist

Vegan wrist

Dag got the crows inked at Bethesda Tattoo in Bethesda, MD by Steve Labofish.  Dag also mentioned that Steve and the shop were very knowledgeable about vegan inks and tattooing so this might be a great place to go if you are looking for some work and live in that area.

Anyways that all we have for this installment fo the Vegan Tattoos blog.  Be sure to check back next week when we showcase another awesome vegans tattoo.  Thanks for stopping by and most importantly thanks for being vegan!

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  • vintageveg says:

    happen to know any shops in ny or nj that work with vegan ink?

  • morgan says:

    thanks for the hookup d!

  • lavajin says:

    Oooooh yay, fucking awesome!

  • L says:

    I LOVE the ravens tattoo! Amazing :)
    I agree with Dag about the seemingly universal hatred of these birds and other so-called “pest” animals. I love ‘em all.

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  • susan says:

    Love your Ravens

  • Kontol says:

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