13.Jul.2009 Covert Vegan Wristicuffs

Hello vegans and friends, hope you’ve had a lovely time since you’ve last visited. I have been super busy lately and have been real slack about bringing you  more cool vegan tattoos on awesome vegans. 

Our next tattoo comes from Becca who says:

“The number one comment I get when people see my wrist tattoos is ‘What, in case you forget?’…   And yes, in a way they are.  They’re a reminder of the commitment I’ve made to the animals and to myself, lest I ever lose sight of why I’m vegan.”

“I got this first one in Las Vegas in November of 2007 from a vegan tattoo artist at a Vegan Freak meetup, using vegan inks.  I wanted a visible “vegan” tattoo, but I worked in corporate hell so I didn’t want it to be glaringly obvious.  My compromise – got the tattoo on my wrist, but used white ink.  I really like the effect, similar to scarification.”
This one for you
This one for you

“I knew almost immediately after getting the first one that I wanted another one on my right wrist, and this spring I finally got the second one.  This one was done by Annie Mess in Austin in April of this year (2009), also using vegan inks.  It’s not entirely finished healing, and will look much like the first one after a few more months.”

This one for me

This one for me

I have always loved these white ink tattoos for very similar reasons, they are a bit of a shock when you notice them too, an inky secret unconvered.

Anyhow, way to go Becca!  Thanks for your excellent contribution and thanks for being vegan!

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  • Tara says:

    Wow I love this effect. I don’t have any tattoos yet but starting with a white ink tattoo would probable be a great first.

  • Sara says:

    Hi I know you got this a long time ago but do you remember who did your white tattoo in Las Vegas, or where you got it done? Thanks

  • yvette_ says:

    wow! I am in love with this tat.

  • Tara says:

    This is like the coolest thing ever next to veganism of course. I have wanted some wrist tatts for a while, never thought of getting them in white though. And the one for me, one for you bit. Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing! You’ve inspired me greatly.

  • Becca says:

    The gentleman who did the tattoo in Vegas wasn’t from Vegas, but had also come to the meet-up. I don’t remember his name at all.

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