29.May.2009 Don’t tread on bee!

Hello vegans, it been a few days  since we’ve had chance to check the email and I wanted to thank everyone for their great correspondance and sending in such sweet images and stories.   We have gotten quite a few posts in the last couple days so be ready for a friday double post madness!

 Our latest addition to the vegan tattoos blog comes from Portlandinian Kris who writes:

“I recently added two vegan tattoos to my collection that I would like to share.  They are two bees, symbolizing the delicate balance of our ecosystem in lieu of our modern industrial agriculture practices.

This buzz for you.

This buzz for you.

I got them in Portland at Skeleton Key Tattoo, a vegetarian-owned shop which uses all-vegan supplies and inks.  The owner, Ximena, is fantastic. ”

zzzz Dooooon't eaaatttt muhhhhh babiezzzz fooooodzzzzzzz

zzzz Dooooon't eaaatttt muhhhhh babiezzzz fooooodzzzzzzz

We have giant bumble bees here in Ohio like mad during the summer and they buzz around the yard all day, impossibly plump and round like flittering winged golfballs.  Wonderous and hilarious nature, thanks for all the bees!

Thanks for buzzing by and keep it vegan!

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There are 5 Comments to "Don’t tread on bee!"

  • Ximena says:

    Thank you!!!

    But I want to clarify that if a client is vegan, *please let us know* when scheduling. Although I am vegetarian, some of our artists (including myself) do have some supplies that may not be considered vegan. Please let us know what your specific concerns are.

  • scott b says:

    Just let you know, Honey cannot be vegan. Human’s get the bees to make honey. Then the human’s take the honey away from the bees to eat. The bees can get the pollen from flowers that have been sprayed with chemical’s.

    But, nice tattoo’s anyway. I like honey.

  • Nao says:

    Diana, your drawing is faouubls! I love the way the young woman is juggling all those things. That was certainly the way it was when I was raising my 2 kids. There is a lot of wisdom, as well as beauty, in this gorgeous art work.

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