25.May.2009 Shady back alley fruit deal captured permanently in skin of Austin “Pusher”

Hey everybody, thanks for stopping by and checking out the vegan tattoos blog.  We are trying to add a new post every weekday but kinda running into a little bit of a dry spell as far as tattoos go, along with a busy schedule.  If you have any awesome vegan tattoos please feel free to submit them to vegantattoos@gmail.com and we will post them here along with your story.   Its totally inspiring so far how many we have gotten and the great comments and emails we have received.  Thanks a ton for your support and especially for being vegan!  Now on to the vegan tattoo!!

Greedy cottontail engages in "trade" with aforementioned "pusher"

Greedy cottontail engages in "trade" with aforementioned "pusher"

Monday morning contributor Amelia writes:

“I’ve been vegan for two years, vegetarian for four before that. I got this tattoo to celebrate my one year veganniversairy last August by Austin tattoo artist, Annie Mess. She uses vegan inks and has a section about them on her website, http://www.anniemess.com

You can visit her blog for more about her and her excellent fashion sense and antiquarian style or you can visit her etsy store if you like crafty unnameable things.

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  • Steve says:

    I love the tattoo. I am not even into tattoos, but this one really speaks to me.

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  • Solmar says:

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  • Alberto says:

    Aw, I guess I missed that. I shluod check the blog more often. I really need to order your book! I asked for it for Xmas and it was out of print when my dad tried to order it…but now it’s back! Yea!

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