22.May.2009 Throwin’ that middle toe up to the man

Our special thugged out Friday edition tattoo comes from vegan outlaw Jordan.  I don’t have any tattoos on my toes but I hear the top of the foot is fairly agonizing.  It looks pretty tough though!

Toepac 4 life!

Toepac 4 eva!

Jordan writes:

“This was done last year by Terry Brown at Electric Ladyland Tattoo Studio in New Orleans. I wanted a vegan tattoo that wasn’t very serious, and since I don’t want my knuckles done, I figured a vegan toe knuckle tattoo would be perfect.”

I just love it and I know a lot of other people will be inspired by this tattoo.  Anyone want to get “veg4″  “life” on their knuckles? C’mon!

Thanks a ton for the awesome pic Jordan!

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  • Toepocalypse? Toepac?
    I love the tattoo, AND I love the tags. Hooray!

  • Isa says:

    I wish that was me.

  • anne marie says:

    SO sassy.

  • Putri says:

    Philly on June 22, 2011 The theme for our wedding ended up being: So much love (SML) harets & love abounded! this wall tat would have been just blissful & lovely alsoOur wedding day was 6 months ago but I still trawl wedding blogs for inspiration (now general) oh what fun! Good to see you go live, loving it!SML

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