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18.May.2009 Army of Yum

Our next contribution comes from Dustin who clearly has great taste in tattoos. Dustin says: “Here is a pic of my tattoo.   It’s “Herbivore” written in fruits and vegetables. The tattoo artist was Miss Kitty Love from Liquid Dragon Tattoo in Asheville, NC. I got the tattoo in 2005.” What an super sweet and unique […]

14.May.2009 Ticket to the ‘gus show

Yet another awesome PPKer Emily in Illinois writes: “I got in at Scapegoat in Portland, OR and it was done by the great Ryan Mason. I asked for a bunch of asparagus with a purple rubber band, I got some sweet asparagus.  I almost wussed out and just got one little stalk, but I’m so […]

03.May.2009 Vegan pirate flies the olde asparabones

Another good submission from another awesome vegan. Dayna writes: “I got it done in honor of my first veganversary, back in January. My friend Adrienne drew it and Myles Karr did the tattoo (he was at Saved when I got it, but has recently moved to Three Kings). ” I am a big fan of […]

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