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Its the perfect time of year to turn people on to awesome vegan food for the holidays, and I hope everyone is having a bunch of luck with that and having a good time.  I have been having a great time avoiding work and playing games online for the last couple of days, but I figured I would share a newer submission that I got a couple of days ago. 

Our next contributor Leigh had this lovely work done by vegan artist Danielle Distefano of Only You Tattoo in Atlanta, GA and had the following to say about her darling little dear:

 ”I decided on a deer tattoo while on a road trip with my husband. We were driving to upstate New York to exhibit at a vegetarian festival, and along the way we saw several deer hanging out near the highway. It reminded me of how hunters try to justify killing these beautiful animals because they seem to think it’s their duty to control the deer population in order to avoid situations like deer running out into the road and causing damage to cars, or eating plants in people’s yards. The idea that humans have the right to kill another species simply because they are inconvenient to our sprawling urban and suburban living is just sad to me.

Oh Deer!

Oh Deer!

Danielle at Only You Tattoo created my beautiful little fawn with all vegan inks. I just love it!”

I must say we love it too; the deer, the ornate frame, and little heart are adorable.  What a sweet tribute to a beautiful animal!  I think everyone could stand to think a bit about the animals they pass by every day, if not just to enjoy their company a bit.

Its really great to see that there are so many vegan tattoo artists around!  Thanks a bunch for being vegan and helping other vegans out by using vegan inks and techniques.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!  If we don’t see before then have a happy and safe new year and most importantly, thanks for being vegan!

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Hey all, its almost too cold to type right now but I am working through it and posting any way.  Hope you ae all staying warm and eating well!

Our next contributor wrote the following about her lovely vegan tattoo:

“Hi, my name is Maggie! This is my vegan tattoo. I got it at 3 Kings in Brooklyn the day before my 19th birthday. All vegan ink of course. I wanted to make a statement about my commitment to the vegan lifestyle and animal rights in general.”


Another Brooklyn hip-ster

Another Brooklyn hip-ster

Hi Maggie, nice tattoo! Thanks for sharing your tattoo and thanks for being vegan!

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Hey all, quick Friday night second post for you.  Awesome vegan Allison writes:

“The tattoo shop is not vegan (nor is my artist), but he does have a great supply of vegan ink. The coloring will be done in 2-3 weeks.”

I'm glad roses are vegan too!

I'm glad roses are vegan too!

Allison adds that she is getting the work done by Rob Rez at American Made in Missoula, MT.

Looks like a great start to a pretty tattoo, I know i’m not the only one who looks forward to seeing it finished. 

Have a great weekend everyone and, hopefully with some awesome food and good friends!  Be on the lookout for anothr sweet vegan tattoo on Monday.

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Hello vegans, it been a few days  since we’ve had chance to check the email and I wanted to thank everyone for their great correspondance and sending in such sweet images and stories.   We have gotten quite a few posts in the last couple days so be ready for a friday double post madness!

 Our latest addition to the vegan tattoos blog comes from Portlandinian Kris who writes:

“I recently added two vegan tattoos to my collection that I would like to share.  They are two bees, symbolizing the delicate balance of our ecosystem in lieu of our modern industrial agriculture practices.

This buzz for you.

This buzz for you.

I got them in Portland at Skeleton Key Tattoo, a vegetarian-owned shop which uses all-vegan supplies and inks.  The owner, Ximena, is fantastic. ”

zzzz Dooooon't eaaatttt muhhhhh babiezzzz fooooodzzzzzzz

zzzz Dooooon't eaaatttt muhhhhh babiezzzz fooooodzzzzzzz

We have giant bumble bees here in Ohio like mad during the summer and they buzz around the yard all day, impossibly plump and round like flittering winged golfballs.  Wonderous and hilarious nature, thanks for all the bees!

Thanks for buzzing by and keep it vegan!

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Thanks again to Isa Chandra of The Post Punk Kitchen for sending a bunch of awesome tattooed vegans this way!  Our next guest hails all the way from the UK.

Vegan morrisseynian and indie rocker Emma writes:
“I found your site via Isa Chandra’s Twitter feed, and thought I’d share mine.  It’s a mixture of Bright Eyes lyrics (from Hit The Switch), and the gladiolus is another Smiths/Morrissey tribute of mine; I also have “There is a Light … That Never Goes Out” split between my feet.  Whilst it’s not explicitly ‘vegan’, a very large part of its meaning links to veganism for me, and only vegan ink was used.

maybe one of those lovely raw cheese cakes Isa's been making!

maybe one of those lovely raw cheese cakes Isa's been making!

“Although the artist (Steve Byrne at In Name and Blood, Leeds, UK) is an omni,  almost all of his inks are vegan, so he’s definitely vegan-friendly!  He’s also moving to the States by the end of summer, so you should check him out :)

Upon following that link all I have to say is wow, his work looks really good!

More tattoos to come tomorrow so stay tuned!

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Our next vegan tattoo has a very cool feeling to it, with twisting vines and lovely flowers climbing the forearm like a trellis.

i've a creeping suspicion her decision is vine-al

i've a creeping suspicion her decision is vine-al

be-fairied 5 year vegan Courtney write:

“I got my first tattoo as I was becoming vegetarian and the others have progressed.  Now as I am thinking of more, including a Vegan Asparagus themed one, I have talked to many parlor’s in the Chicago area and most offer to order or use vegan ink, specifically Metamorph Studios.  My original artist at Liquid Courage in Omaha also offered that.

Here’s what I have so far…”

Hey you damned fairy!! Get back here with my flower!!1

Hey you damned fairy!! Get back here with my flower!!1

Thanks for giving us our first pesky pixie pic Courtney.   Let us know if your vines keep on growing!