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26.Dec.2009 Total Fawnage

Its the perfect time of year to turn people on to awesome vegan food for the holidays, and I hope everyone is having a bunch of luck with that and having a good time.  I have been having a great time avoiding work and playing games online for the last couple of days, but I figured I […]

15.Jun.2009 Wild thing, you make my sock dead.

Its monday.  After a lovely weekend with plenty of good vegan sandwiches, a nice vegan sugar cookie and some embarrasingly nerdy superhero movies I am ready to get back to work, how about you?  My vegan tattoo savings account is growing a bit every week and is now up to $75.  when it hits $150 […]

14.May.2009 Ticket to the ‘gus show

Yet another awesome PPKer Emily in Illinois writes: “I got in at Scapegoat in Portland, OR and it was done by the great Ryan Mason. I asked for a bunch of asparagus with a purple rubber band, I got some sweet asparagus.  I almost wussed out and just got one little stalk, but I’m so […]

06.May.2009 I double dog dare ya…

Molly and Millie have kidnapped crafting-crazed Erica and smuggled her off to a local tattoo shop, having their own likenesses permanently branded in her skin!

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