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26.Dec.2009 Total Fawnage

Its the perfect time of year to turn people on to awesome vegan food for the holidays, and I hope everyone is having a bunch of luck with that and having a good time.  I have been having a great time avoiding work and playing games online for the last couple of days, but I figured I […]

24.Jul.2009 Another awesome victim of sprouting-v-syndrome

Hey there every body!  Another day another delightful vegan tattoo for you to check out.  Todays submission comes from Michelle in Milwaukee who got the work done at Delux Tattoos in Chicago. This is Michelle’s second tattoo and was inspired by the logo with a little added flair by the artist for good measure.  […]

06.May.2009 I double dog dare ya…

Molly and Millie have kidnapped crafting-crazed Erica and smuggled her off to a local tattoo shop, having their own likenesses permanently branded in her skin!

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