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13.Nov.2009 Britches in stitches

Hello vegans and aspiring vegans, hows it going?  I’ve been recovering from watching the Foul Play movie by Mercy for Animals on Sunday at Studio 35.  Definitely not a movie that you should get popcorn for.  It was pretty crushing watching all those chickens jammed up together in battery cages and really I can’t imagine […]

04.May.2009 Take some time to see the flowers

Our next submission comes all the way from Germany thanks again to The PPK.  All you people over there shred. Daniela writes: “I got it done in October 2007 in New Orleans @Crescent City Tattoo by Keele.  I came up with the idea myself, I wanted it plain and simple.” Its a lovely tattoo and […]

03.May.2009 Vegan tattoos – the search begins

vegan tattoos, the search begins

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